My Print Screen is free software for image capture.
Using MyPrintScreen you can make first-grade screenshots
simply by pressing the button Prt Scr.

What is MyPrintScreen?

What OS does MyPrintScreen work with?

How much does it cost to use MyPrintScreen?

Does the program contain viruses and spyware files?

Are there any special system requirements to install MyPrintScreen?

Do I need to install an image editor to use MyPrintScreen?

How to download MyPrintScreen on my computer?

How to install MyPrintScreen on my computer?

Does MyPrintScreen support hot keys?

How do I know the program is running on my PC?

How to perform a screen capture?

How to save the ready image?

How to take a screenshot of a certain screen area?

What do the figures in the top left corner mean?

What format can I save my screenshot in?

Can I get the web-link to the ready image?

How to save an image to the clipboard?

Can I share images on social networks?

How to change the borders of the selected screen area?

How to cancel screenshot selection and creation?

How to show/hide the MyPrintScreen button?

How to change the program interface language?

Where can I find the program FAQ?

How to finish my work with MyPrintScreen?